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Fact: An unfed adult Bed Bug appears to be almost paper-thin.

bed bugs

Fact: Bed Bugs only feed on one thing...blood!

bed bugs

Fact: Bed Bugs nymphs are the size of a pen head. This can make them very difficult to find.

bed bugs

Fact: Bed Bugs prefer dwelling in textured surfaces.

Bed Bug Litigation

A Bed Bug problem can be quite expensive. In fact, an outbreak can lead to very bad litigation and settlements. Below are a few of many examples of the litigation within multi-human dwelling places.

Hotel Litigation

Embassy Suites Hotel, San Rafael, California: A woman is suing an Embassy Suites in San Rafael, CA for an unspecified amount of damage claiming she suffered 80 bed bug bites during an overnight stay1.

Hilton, Ohio: A woman spent two nights in a Hilton in Ohio, got 150 bed bug bites, and is proceeding with a $5 million dollar lawsuit charging physical scarring, emotional distress, and embarrassment2.

Hilton Suites, Phoenix: NYC Opera singer is suing for $6 million based on one night of misery, and the bites3.

Hotel Pennsylvania, NYC: Two Swiss woman are suing a prominent Manhattan hotel for an unspecified amount of damages due to physical pain, mental anguish, emotional distress, and lost earnings4.

Howard Johnson, Winnipeg, CA: A man is suing the Howard Johnson for damages claiming he suffered pain, embarrassment, and permanent scarring5

Mandarin Oriental, London: Prominent lawyer is suing a posh London hotel for several million dollars after a bad Bed Bug incident6 (MSNBC, 2007).

Marriot International, Inc, Pennsylvania: A traveler brought a neglegience law suit against against Marrriot International Inc. to recover for injuries he allegedly sustained as a result of being bitten by Bed Bugs at the Springhills Suites Marriot Hotel in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania7.

Milford Plaza, NYC: A hotel guest sues hotel for 2 million and hotel’s exterminator for negligence8 (Law.com, 2008)

Motel 6, Chicago: Couple is awarded over $372,000 in damages over Bed Bug bites 9.

Nevele Hotel in Ellenville, NYC:A Chicago woman is suing the Nevele Hotel for $20 million after waking up one morning with over 500 Bed Bug bites10.

Rodeway Inn, Virginia Beach, VA: A mother and her daughter sue a Rodeway Inn for $400,000 for an alleged Bed Bug attack11.

Roger Smith Hotel, NYC: A couple is suing the Roger Smith Hotel on Lexington Avenue of negligence for allowing the infestation and failing to get rid of the Bed Bugs12.

Silom Springs,Ark: A Siloam Springs woman has sued a motel, claiming that her bed was infested with bugs and that she now suffers recurring nightmares13.

Rental Tenants

AIMCO, Denver: AIMCO, the largest rental property company in the country refused to pay for Bed Bug treatment for six tenants and blamed them for bringing in Bed Bugs and fined the residents various fees over the incident14.

Brooklyn, NY: A longtime Brooklyn resident is suing her landlord for failing to get rid of Bed Bugs from her apartment15.

Maya Rudolph Case, NYC: Saturday Night Live performer Maya Rudolph is suing her condominium owners for over $450,000 after she and her family was attacked by Bed Bugs shortly after they moved in to their luxurious, $13,500 a month loft16.

Presidential Towers, Chicago: Some residents filed a lawsuit each seeking $50,000 for property and psychological damage against their building manager after allegedly being bitten by Bed Bugs17.

Furniture Rental

Aarons Rent Customer: In 2007, Aaron Rents, Inc. was served a lawsuit from a couple who claimed that Aaron Rents had infested their home with bed bugs after a short term contract for furniture rental. The couple claimed in the suit that they, along with their four children, were forced to abandon their home and all of it's contents after the home became infested with bed bugs and multiple attempts at extermination had failed.

Summer Camp

YMCA Camp Case:A family is suing the Storer YMCA camp in Napoleon Township, Michigan, believing that their son brought bed bugs home with him from camp.18

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