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Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Spray

Simply Spray and Walk Away! This non-toxic, non-staining, environmentally safe and powerful formula effectively removes all visible Bed Bugs and other insects fast and effectively. Spray directly on infested areas and the Bed Bugs become Dead Bed Bugs! Order Online Now

7 oz. / 0.2 kg Safer® Ant & Crawling Insect Killer (Diatomaceous Earth)

Our DE is a non-toxic powder that is spread discreetly throughout a room to create a deadly, preventative barrier between room occupants and Bed Bugs. If a Bed Bug does indeed come into contact with DE-Stroy™ Eco Dust, the powder pierces the bug's exoskeleton. Consequently this dehydrates the bug resulting in death. This product may also be used to treat fleas, mites, scabies, mange, and other parasitic insects.
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All Stop Paravinyl™ Encasements

The mattress and box spring are often the prime Bed Bug hiding areas. Our specially designed mattress/box spring encasements are made to create a physical barrier to Bed Bug Movement. Our encasements are made from Paravinyl™ technology, which is the most durable yet comfortable vinyl on the planet! Additionally, the encasements are “bite proof” and “escape proof”. Thus, the Bed Bugs and eggs within the mattress and box spring are sealed and trapped. The Bed Bugs are then unable to feed and will eventually die. Furthermore, using the encasements in conjunction DE creates an ultra-powerful residual Bed Bug death trap. Additionally, All Stop™ Paravinyl Encasements will allow you to salvage an infested bed. Order Online Now

Professional Steam Cleaner

Start packing the Power of Steam! Our multi-purpose professional grade Steam Cleaner harnesses the power of steam to help you take control of the Bed Bug infestation. At a constant temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit, the steam ensures the unwanted pests quickly disappear. Order Online Now

Bed Bug Bureau Complete Bed Bug
Management Regimen

The Complete Bed Bug Management Regimen will tell you everything you need to know about treating Bed Bugs, from their anatomy and hiding spots, to their weaknesses and how to treat the problem completely and effectively. The Bed Bug Management Regimen is available in English and Spanish for hotels and the hospitality industry as well as private residences, apartments and other multi-person dwellings.
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