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Fact: A severe Bed Bug infestation can ruin furniture.

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Education and Training

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Understanding the problem is key to managing Bed Bug infestations. Our ground breaking education program makes it easy to train your staff to effectively and internally manage Bed Bugs in any multi-unit facility.

We Are the Experts in Detecting, Destroying, and Deterring Bed Bugs:

The Bed Bug Bureau research and marketing divisions have teamed up to create video and printed training materials. Our commitment to improving education includes training in both English and Spanish language formats. Your staff members will be trained on the behavior and habits of Bed Bugs as well as how to detect and treat them – all in short and easy to understand lessons and demonstrations.

Below is an overview of the topics that are covered in our proprietary training regimen:

Bed Bug Biology – Learn how to identify Bed Bugs. Find out where they hide and locate signs of a Bed Bug infestation.

Detect – Find out how to inspect for Bed Bugs in a quick and efficient manner in order to find them at the early stages of an infestation.

Destroy – Acquire treatment methods that get rid of Bed Bugs fast and covertly. Also, learn how to contain even the most severe infestations.

Deter – Learn methods to create a hostile living space and discourage Bed Bugs from inhabiting a multi-unit dwelling.

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Once you are using our system, Bed Bug experts are standing by to answer your questions and help you develop a long term plan to effectively manage any Bed Bug problem.

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